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Tina Jonasen - Social Media Digital Consultant 

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Welcome to the profile of Tina Jonasen

The Certified Accountant who after an "International Maverick Life" has become "The Networking NLP Leadership & Social Media Digital Coach"

Networking / "Bridge Building" is what I do - so please do not hesitate to ask if there is anything that you think I can help you with; business or personal, people to connect you to etc. - I am here !!

ONE OF MY MOTTO´S IS; If something is not functioning right - don't waste time trying to fix it! Call The Change Agent = Me

I have "been there, done that & and got all the T-shirts" - learning that repairing is not always the best solution!
Take advantage of my time spent - instead of wasting your own valuable life time making the same mistakes, and remember;
I you do what you have always done - You´ll get what you´ve always gotten !!



"People don't Care how much you Know - until they Know how much you Care"
John C. Maxwell


"I CARE you Know - I am here to Care & Share what I Know !!!

My INBOX is always open  

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