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  • 11-04-2009
  • FACTS regarding MY MUSIC TICKET !

    (641) 715 3900 Pin: 64 262#
    Please do yourself a big favour and listen in to why MMT is causing such excitement.
    Here is a brief resume:
    Launch will be on Monday 13 April at 9.00am EST.
    At the $19.99-level, you get:
    20 pages for your advertising.
    A personal storefront where you can sell up to 100 items. The page is e-commerce ready and customers pay you directly by PayPal.
    An MMT-storefront, You receive commissions for all MMT-products sold from your site.
    At the $59..99-level, you get:
    40 pages for your advertising.
    Unlimited storefront to sell your own products
    An MMT-storefront where you earn a commission each time you make a sale
    from your site but you also receive a 20% matching commission from each sale your team makes down 5 levels deep!!
    This makes the $59.99 level a no brainer!
    Remember launch is Monday April 13th 9AM EST.
    Get your contacts ready to go and be ready to join asap as the first
    10000 Pro-members do not have to qualify for the Global Sharing Pools!
    You will be able to pay by PayPal, Alertpay, Visa, Mastercard..
    Initially payouts will be by check or bankwire and later on there will be a debit card option as well.
    During the first week of launch, the music player will be open.
    On Wednesday 15th a pre-recorded call for musicians will be up-loaded to the site highlighting what MMT offers for them. If you know any musicians be sure to send them your link before then. There will also be a pre-recorded call for the Social Networking benefits of MMT up-loaded the same day.
    MMT will hold a competition during 2009 open to US and Canadian residents only:
    The member with the most pageviews at the end of the year will win a car.
    So the countdown has started and it is time to start assembling your teams fast.  The best place to do this is in our VIKING GROUP Ning site.  Invite your contacts into the group and at least get your top 3 contacts in place.
    Our Group is extremely well placed, with Jane Mark, Mike G and company above us.  Not to mention Eric the Viking and Mujaser both set to explode our team.  Mujaser is on Eric's frontline and  I am on Mujo's frontline.  The excitement we are seeing is beyond anything we have ever seen in our four years online.  This is something definitely not to be missed!!
    All the very best

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