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I’m passionate about everything marketing especially guerilla marketing – I’m currently on a mission to help companies grow and navigate by data through the jungle of influencer marketing.

I have with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and background. I’m an experienced and newly educated leader, serial start-up nerd - and very proud advisory board member.

Let’s get down to the big WHY:
Why influencer marketing? Why put all my eggs in a new-business-basket? Well first of all.. I always put ALL my eggs in one basket.
My entrepreneurial story started 9 years ago with minor businesses where I learned the fundamentals of the start-up game. By the end of 2014 I sold my last company before getting into online marketing for real. I founded the company Trendday.dk in 2015, a women’s clothing website where personalized shopping was Trendday’s main strength. To expand Trendday’s outreach online I reached out to some of Denmark’s biggest influencers to make collaborations. Back then, we paid an insane amount of money up front and all we could do was cross our fingers for a good outcome. That hit me hard.
So when I sold my parts of Trendday in 2019, I knew I wanted to disrupt the influencer marketing market. I wanted to make it fair and help companies see through the fog of data. Enters: Make Influence.

The insights we provide in Make Influence help companies choose influencers based on demographic, impressions and reach. We’ve created a universe where everything is based on sales data from the individuals. With the data we provide we’re able to constantly monitor how the influencers perform, in all the different kind of industries that use our platform.
In Make Influence we are blessed with having a pool of talented and hard working influencers who daily makes inspiring content – even through a crisis like Corona, they still perform beyond expectations and help companies stay in business. Fantastic right? I know. That’s why I love what I do.

If you’re interested to know what my team can do for your company, let’s get in touch today.
The journey starts now.

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