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Om Jannik Olander fra Nialaya

Founded by Danish born Jannik Olander, the headquarters for the Niayala brand is in Hollywood. ‘Niayala', the name of the brand, is the name of a shaman Jannik met in India, who had an life-changing effect on his life.

Each bead and stone used in the collection have been hand-sourced by the designer on his world travels. Jannik combines fashion know-how, an eye for luxury, a taste for the exotic with utter finesse.

Armed with a background in Retail - having worked with fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger - and his extensive travels to India and the Far East, all of the designs in the Niayala collection beautifully translate his skills, passions and dreams.

Each stone in the bracelets retains healing powers, which can increase the wearer's personal energy; and the finished item has been purified with sage. The quality is exceptional and materials include 18-carat gold plating, sterling silver, crystal, agate, lapis, ebony, turquoise and amethyst. Each bracelet has an ingenious mechanism that expands and retracts, allowing it to fit all wrists sizes.

In no time Nialaya has become THE prefered Jewelry brand by Hollywood Royalty, European soccer players and Middle East Royalty. 

Nialaya designs jewels to bring good luck on the life path of everyone who believes in unconditional love


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