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Statistiks, Where to find them

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Tilmeldt 22. Apr 21
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Skrevet kl. 16:23
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Good day. I am running a store that is in the Food branch, gourmet food specifically. I am trying to make some calculations as I am making a budget because soon we will be expanding the store to more locations. 

I have been trying now for quite some time to find a statistics about spending habbits in denmark but without any luck.

What i need is some type of research from Detailhandel branch, that shows the spending trend throughout a year. As we all know food is not consumed in same amounts in summer and winter, before ferie and after ferie, before winter holidays and after the winter holidays. 

Does anybody knows any resource where one could find a graph that shows for example a supermarket or similar, turnover throughout the year.

I need this because i need to make some predictions and set some omsætning goals for the rest of the year, but i still do not know how the food market behaves in different seasons as we have just opened up our first physical store in april, so we haven't been through all 4 season yet.

Many thanks for help if anybody can..


Fra Viby J
Tilmeldt 22. Mar 13
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Skrevet kl. 16:56
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Have u tried "Danmarks statistik" - here u can find and download all kinds report on Denmark and its citizen. :-)

This one: https://www.dst.dk/da/informationsservice/oss/spiseva is about eating habits and foodwaste.

In this link it seems like you could find all kinds of reports that might be relevant for you.

Tilmeldt 22. Apr 21
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Skrevet kl. 18:01
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Hi and thanks for answer. unfortenatelly Denmark Statistik is not something i could find an answer to mu question at. They simply follow an average dane. I need a statistic from an industry, possibly an existing company that sells food and has that kind of data.




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