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Non Eu citizen moving out of Denmark, keeping same job as consultant

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Tilmeldt 29. Nov 17
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Hi everyone,
I live in Denmark under family reunification visa and I have been working with the same company for about 3 years now.
However, my family wants to move to Sweden, but I would like to keep working with the same job.

Can I start a company in ´Sweden and continue my work with the same employer as a consultant? (my company will have other customers)

My employer is affraid that under Danish rules this cannot be done, so I appreciate if you can share any links where I can read more about it.

Another option would be to move to Sweden and continue to be employed by the Danish company, but then I would need some type of working visa in Denmark, not sure how to do it as a Non-Eu. 

Looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say.

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Fra  John Hannover Skrevet kl. 15:05
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I am not familiar with swedish law. In DK you would not be allowed to invoice a job that was actually as employed, and for that reason, never go from employed to invoicing. However that may be differendt in Sweden, but I think the best way is to give the emplloyer your international tax ID IYN which you get from sweden, and they then report it to tax still

One of the problems is VAT which you must include as indenendent - but there are not VAT and VAT to deduct for an employe. It is not what you write in contract, but the actual circumstanses around the job, that decides

Worst case you employer can form a Swedish company to employ you from. There will also be åestions such as work-damage insurrance which the employer may be oblige to, even in the situation

Many HR caompanis can help, and the is also  google Ørestad development corporation . They help companies with people working acrors ths sund, and they may have something to add

There is no dobit it can be fixed so you can continue, it that is also the intention of the company

br John Hannover

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