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Need some genuine advice.

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Fra Randers
Tilmeldt 9. Jul 19
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Skrevet kl. 19:51
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I'll try and make this as short as possible, as you are all very busy making money 😀

In 2019, my Danish company, that was turning over around 17 mill, went bankrupt. After that, I suffered some serious health issues that put me out of action for over 2 years.

Now, fighting fit again, I'm looking for a new JOB. No, I'm not interested in starting a new company. I honestly couldn't handle the stress.

Recently, I had lunch with a guy I have known for many years, who recently sold his company and a shitload of property, and scored about 700mill 😮😮😮

The bottom line is, that he has made me an unbelievable offer. He wants me to find a product, brand, service or an idea for a business. Maybe something UK>DK, DK>UK, or basically any new territory, he doesnt care. If he likes the idea and he can at least "break even" on it, he will employ me to run the business for him full time.

He will cover any investment needed to start the business off, and eventually, if it's a success, make me a shareholder in the company.

Sounds like a fantastic offer, yes? My only problem is, WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO? 

I'm certainly not as knowledgeable about business in Denmark, so I have come to Amino for some advice.

If anyone has any comments, advice or input they could give me, I would be very grateful. I've been reading a lot of posts on here, and some of you, really have got your shit together. I just hope someone could give me some inspiration.

Thanks for reading guys(and girls). I hope to hear from you.

Fra Et eller andet sted i Danmark
Tilmeldt 15. Mar 19
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Does not sound like a fantastic offer - lots of details ar missing before anyone would be able to valuate the offer.

Tilmeldt 7. Dec 18
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Skrevet kl. 11:42
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Interesting scenraio. 

To me it looks like the first crossroad to figure out would be your own health and well being. If you are certain you do not want to start a company due to the stress, you should definitely figure out if you could handle running a busines on behalf of someone else, with the added resposibility of handling his money.

If everything is as you describe, it definitely sounds like a great opportunity for the right people. Perhaps it would be an idea to ally with people who knows a lot about business in Denmark? If you have a connection willing to invest, you are a man a lot of people would like to know.

Tilmeldt 15. Sep 23
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Skrevet kl. 13:07
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It sounds like an incredible opportunity! Given your experience and background, consider exploring sectors or industries that genuinely interest you. Conduct market research to identify gaps or underserved areas, and focus on leveraging your strengths. Networking within your professional circle can also lead to valuable insights and ideas. Ultimately, choose a venture that aligns with your passion and expertise. Best of luck with your new endeavor!
Fra Aalborg
Tilmeldt 21. Sep 23
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Skrevet kl. 13:06
Hvor mange stjerner giver du? :

Try to ask yourself, if I knew what ever I choose would be the right desision for my, what would I choose?
That questen oftent lead us to the answer we already have. 

Nobody can predict the future, unless you stay in "confusion" because that will lead you no where ;)

The other side of the desision is, that I find the offer lacking information. 
From havin health issues and beeing stressed from having your own company, you need to make sure this position is aligned with your values.

Make a list of things thats important to you in a future position, and make sure this position checks the boxes.

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