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I'm absolutely perplexed and require SEO assistance!

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Tilmeldt 14. May 22
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Skrevet kl. 12:17
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I built a website for a client who is frustrated because every time he "Googles his domain" (searches for it rather than typing the URL), Google autocorrects it to whatever it thinks he's trying to write (cocaine and some coalitions), and he doesn't see his company. I have little experience with SEO and am unsure how to improve his website's ranking. To get started, I went over Wix's SEO checklist.
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Tilmeldt 9. Jan 06
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Fra  LinkCentralen.dk Skrevet kl. 14:36
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 Linkportalen med de gode links - Et godt sted at starte

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Tilmeldt 9. May 22
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First you need to add the domain to Google Search Console and let Google know who owns the site. If you have already done that, you need a good SEO plugin to the site also where you can add the Meta and Title-tags. Then you need to add a lot of SEO optimized text to the site. And be sure that there is only one H1 on each site and some H2. 

But before doing that you need to make an analysis of the search words the customers is using when searcing for the services or products your client is selling. 

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Tilmeldt 15. Mar 19
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Please give me a call: +45 7020 0930

I am not a SEO specialist myself, but I cooperate with one, I would like you to refer to.


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Tilmeldt 7. Feb 16
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Fra  BilboDesigns Skrevet kl. 19:48
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Hi fujitora46,

You should be more than welcome to contact me and I will try give you some good advice and some very powerful tools that is either made by Google themselves or partnered with Google to help you get a better look into your SEO score and that should be very helpful to try climb the Google ranking ladder, but these things takes time and that is the honest answer. You should never trust anyone that guarantees you the first place on Google.

Best regards,
Casper Thomsen

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