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Fribil, Private Car

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Tilmeldt 22. Apr 21
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Skrevet kl. 21:34
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Hi.  I am trying to find a simple answer so please if somebody could help i would be grateful as the rules are quite complicated to comprehend when translating Danish using google. So this is the case:

I amnow owning a private car which i use daily for both private and comaonyrelated purposes.

The econimy is as such:

Monthly loan: 2.800

Insurance: 750

Fuel (I have 250 km both ways (home-company) - cirka 4.500

Maintenance: 10.000

Tires: 4000

 Total yearly cost 110.000, probably more.

If i sell my car and let my company buy one and use it as a fribil, lets say new car that has value of 300.000, kroner, hybrid, what is cheaper, still having a private car, deducting some 70.000 of kørselsfradrag on salary, and paying all the cost above myself, or, have a fribil, no kørselsfradrag but no cost associated with owning a car privately. 

Need a simple answer if possible, with a fact that owning a car privately now cost me about 9.000 kroner a month (6000 in fradrag = 2.400 less to skat in salary) = 6.600 netto cost. / how much would a fribil of 300.000 kroner value cost me a month personally? 


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Fra  John Hannover Skrevet kl. 00:54
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One: Fradrag is not as such a cost in a company

As you both pay a high tax on free car and at the same time reduce your own profit with all the purchase and daily costs of a car-  in all likelyness it is by far best to keep it private as an owner

In person company (enkeltmands a.m) a papaegøjeplade can be considered privately

vh John Hannover

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