I want to know how can I make my website attractive to customers

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Fra Dhaka
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mariah Skrevet 10-11-2019 kl. 15:39
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Hi, my name is mariah and I am a free lancer and doing it for many years. I also run a business page and sell products that I import form other countries. I developed my website 5 years ago and what problem I am facing now is that my sale has been decreasing quite a lot lately. I think people are only buying from the sites they like to watch, and are more user friendly. Please is anyone here to suggest me what should I do?.
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Louise Lamberth - Tekstfokus Fra  Tekstfokus Skrevet 21-11-2019 kl. 21:21
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You can find marketing tips and a lot of videos and e-books on marketing on my website.

Fra Horsens
Tilmeldt 20. Nov 19
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Christian Fra  BoligAkustik Skrevet 21-11-2019 kl. 22:35
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I would choose to develop a new design for the shop. Especially Shopify is very great for e-commerce.

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