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Which WooCommerce Dropshipping plugin & hosting would you suggest?

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Tilmeldt 28. Sep 19
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johncampbell Skrevet 28-09-2019 kl. 17:22
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I need your help today!

I work as a marketing guy in a local firm. Recently I read few article on earning passive income and I am interested in exploring Dropshipping for this purpose.

I did some basic course on how it works and all other stuff and today I've taken a decision to give it a go.

I studied few article which suggested different platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to start an ecommerce store. Even though I am not a techie - I have decided to choose WooCommerce for the only fact that it gives me the control. (Correct me if I am wrong here)

The hurdle I am facing right now is between the multiple dropshipping plugin in the market . The options I have is AliDropship, dropified & WooDropship. I need a suggestion on this.

I am also looking for a secure & scalable managed ecommerce hosting provider which can handle my server related stuff. I was recommended cloudways hosting. Can any one share his/her experience?

Thanks you so much for your time and recommendation in advance.
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Jonas Esso Fra  speedio Skrevet 30-10-2019 kl. 17:01
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Hi John,

All 3 plugins you are referring to, works on its own way. You will find pros and cons but they all do deliver the concept of dropshipping. 

I did found some good comparison on google which you may look into it. Your decision with Woocommerce is definitely the right choice. You will always find the best intregration and plugins to WordPress/Woo.

Now, regarding the hosting part you will also find a lot of providers. We ourself provide the best WordPress hosting solutions (Managed) to clients in Europe. Have a look on our WordPress hosting packages. It's all managed and with phone support. We also guaranteed the performance of the site. Contact us directly if you need assistance. :)

https://speedio.dk | Danmarks hurtigste WordPress & Woocommerce hosting

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