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Uncle Joe Skrevet 29-04-2019 kl. 18:51
Hvor mange stjerner giver du? :
Hello, my name is David Darlington CEO of my own company UNCLE JOE'S AMERICAN KITCHEN, based in Randers, Denmark.

If you would be so kind, and read my presentation, maybe you are able to help me in some way.

Having struggled for many years with food legislation in Denmark, and other Nordic Countries, it became apparant, that roughly 75% of USA produced grocery products are deemed illegal for sale, owing to the products containing added colours, fortified vitamins, and a whole host of other questionable ingredients.

Having suffering many disappointments in the past, and continous dialogue with the food authorities, the only way I could see success with my idea, was to create a brand, with attractive design, and multilingtual packaging, and to do it myself.

After successful supermarket listings in Denmark, and significant interest from distributors in other countries, my intention was, to take my concept to the next level - export. The brand has a worldwide trademark, owned by myself, and is "ready to go".

Initially, there are 6 products in the range, with a further 32 products planned, including a range of UNCLE JOE'S GOURMET KITCHEN.

Production costs of Uncle Joe's products are extremely competitive, and are interesting to distributors already delivering products to the retail trade. All products are all produced and packed in the USA using home grown ingredients, and shipped from Port Elizabeth, New York, direct to the chosen distributor.

OK, so that's a basic explanation as to what Uncle Joe's is all about, but i feel that you have a question. What are you waiting for ? The reasons for this, are quite simple and easily explained. With limited resources and my lack of experience, i have found it incredibly difficult to take Uncle Joe's to the next level.

So, what am I looking for then?
In my mind, a suitable company already operating an export business would be perfect. Maybe a partnership with an interested party, or an individual with the relevant export experience.

I would like to make one thing very clear, before i finish. At this point in time, I am NOT interested in any financial gain, and certainly do not want to sell this concept. My intention is to develop Uncle Joe's American Kitchen into a successful brand - but not on my own !!

Many thanks for taking the time to read my proposal. I have attached a presentation, that i hope, will explain things in more detail.
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VejleN Skrevet 29-04-2019 kl. 22:03
Hvor mange stjerner giver du? :

Just FYI, fortified minerals or in other words: products/ingredients fortified with minerals, is okay in Denmark as in the rest of EU - you just need to declare it.

There are some colours which isnt allowed, but in general colouring is okay as well.

Since Norway isnt part of EU, they have their own legislations, but most of them is just refering to the EU laws.

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