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Renting in Copenhagen - advice?

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Amino-karma 33
Tilmeldt 28. aug 16
Indlæg ialt: 9

Skrevet 12-01-2018 kl. 19:12

Greetings everyone,

Firstly, I apologize for not writing in Danish - my Danish is still too poor even with the help of Google Translate, so I decided it's best I spare you the trouble of trying to understand me.

I am writing in hope of getting good advice on renting a flat in KBH. My significant other is days from accepting a job offer with a company based in KBH so we will be moving there soon. We're a young couple and EU citizens. We'll be looking for a 1 bedroom apartment for DKK 10.000 (or less) + utilities, ideally in the areas south or west from the city center (Amager, KBH S, Frederiksberg, Valby etc.).

Now, I've heard and read that it's quite difficult to rent in KBH. I've been looking periodically at and there always seem to be some flats that seem suitable for us (8-9 thousand kroner and good locations). What's the catch? Are there so many people wanting to rent that our chances are low? Are we more likely to be turned down because we're expats? As foreign citizens, are there any requirements that we need to fulfill before being able to rent in Denmark?

Additionally - suppose we did find a landlord willing to rent to us: I'm curious as to all the things we need to do to ensure that the contract is valid and fair on both sides, as well as any bureaucratic actions that we'll possibly need to undertake...

Sorry for the long post - I'm really looking forward to useful answers.

Mange tak,


Amino-karma 7
Tilmeldt 12. jan 18
Indlæg ialt: 2

Skrevet 12-01-2018 kl. 21:50

Hi, I am sure you are not being turned down because of being expats. Many landlords actually prefer to rent to expats. Make sure to stipulate that you have no pets, are quiet people, non smokers etc. We have heard good things about and - both companies are used to working with expats. Many private landlords list apartments on Good luck, we are certain you will find something, and hopefully you will enjoy your stay in Denmark :-)


Amino-karma 33
Tilmeldt 28. aug 16
Indlæg ialt: 9

Skrevet 13-01-2018 kl. 13:06

Thank you! :)) That's right, we don't smoke, are quiet, have no pets, respect the property and we've been renting for 8 years at home so far without any problems. We'll be letting the prospective landlords know all of that, thanks for the tip!

Do you know/think Nørrebro is unsafe to live in? When we were visiting Copenhagen we were told to avoid that area because of the gangs situation there... should we exclude it from our search? There are quite a few ads for flats in that area and the prices seem to be a bit lower than in e.g. Amager...

Amino-karma 119
Fra København
Tilmeldt 22. sep 09
Indlæg ialt: 32
Amino Plus
Lis Lassen
Fra Dansk Sproghjælp
Skrevet 13-01-2018 kl. 15:56

I am living in Nørrebro since 2008, and I can warmly recommend my part of the city, it is lively, accepts all sorts of people and is maybe the most international quarter in Copenhagen. We see the police here on a daily basis, but it gives more safety than fear, an we living here feel not at all scared. 'The gangs' are a few young people, and in general we do not see them at all, some times there are cars driving fast through the streets, but I think it is not more than in any other part of the city.

 I wish to welcome you to Nørrebro :-)


Mange hilsner fra

Amino-karma 33
Tilmeldt 28. aug 16
Indlæg ialt: 9

Skrevet 13-01-2018 kl. 20:00

Thank you, Lis! (-: It has probably been blown out of proportion. We'll keep looking!

Amino-karma 33
Tilmeldt 28. aug 16
Indlæg ialt: 9

Skrevet 15-01-2018 kl. 13:22

I have another question if someone knows the answer. How common is it for Danish companies who hire expats to help with the living arrangements in the beginning? Should my partner try to negotiate about this when discussing the job offer or are we expected to take care of that ourselves?

Amino-karma 93
Tilmeldt 17. jan 18
Indlæg ialt: 26

Skrevet 17-01-2018 kl. 17:39

be careful of scammers. A lot of people out there collecting deposits from multiple people at the same time.

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