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Salesman, Provision, Partnership

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Tilmeldt 22. Apr 21
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Skrevet kl. 06:51
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Good day to all, and thank you for taking your time to review my thread. 

As an owner of a B2C company, that is doing very well now, to the point where I have now reached completely eliminating Danish suppliers thus having a 100% self import, I am looking for a way of entering a B2B market. 

Due to the lack of time personally, I am not able to actually do it by myself besides all the other time consuming activities that my company is demanding from me, but seeing a great opportunity, I would like to ask the network here on Amino for a help.

As stated, we import and handle various foods from Italy, Greece, Spain through our 2 b2c channels, online, and physical, but since we have made some great deals and developed a great network of import, I strongly believe that there is a big opportunity in Denmark of entering the b2c sector as well, where I would like to target restaurants, hotels, possibly wine stores and similar, but as stated, lack of time and lack of Danish language *I can fully understand it, and speak 50%, which is not enough"  doesn't allow me to do so, therefor, I am in a lookout for a person, who would be able to join me in my company, a decent salesman, on a several different basis. As I strongly believe in the opportunity that the Danish market provides, I am willing to, to the potential candidate, offer a lifetime percentage per every client acquired, and possibly, a percentage of the company itself if the good progress is visible. 

I am wondering of what does the Amino community thinks about this, would a salesman accept such terms, and where should one go about finding such candidates. 

The math is clear, 10 clients with a monthly retail value of 20.000 each (Completely reasonable) where margins are at average 50%, such a candidate would have a lifetime income of 40.000 kroner a month if a commission of 50% on net profit is given. 

Now the market in Denmark and especially the low competition coverage in South Julland can bring that amount of clients to be 50, 100, easily, so shoot, what is your advice, how do I kick start this, and where do I find such candidate.

Thanks in advance to everybody. 

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Fra  John Hannover Skrevet kl. 11:13
Hvor mange stjerner giver du? :

My input will be, that only using provision does not give good results in general. You need to trust your product and offer well enough to be able to offer a combination of a reasonable basic salary (like 18.000 dkk/month) and then top that with commision.
In particular during the first many months - where relationship with the customers shall be established, will a basic salary - be very important

Partnership is not easy to add - and the value shall be taxed as salary anyway - just as an ownership agreement is then very important - just as the thought of lifelong comminsion is very hard to build in - who would believe in a guarantee for lifetime in an ordinary business relationsship. Those two points would deffinately need a very good lawyer building the contract

br John Hannover

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