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Grow a larger mobile user base through cross-promotion with The Kinetik

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20 October 2010

 We continue our rotating Startupbootcamp blog series - our ten teams take turns sharing their thoughts and experiences. This entry is by Juan Moreno of TheKinetik.




Even before coming to StartupBootCamp we’ve been passionate about the mobile business. We started by developing mobile sites mainly for hotels and films, like Best Western and Filminute.  Then, the application bee stung us and we developed our first apps: A Twitter-like app for jokes called La Mona Lista and Cowboy whip (for one guy in the team ;)  We also continued to developed apps for clients, and were frequently asked, what now? There are quite a few things developers can do to get users, like iTunes SEO, Twitter, Facebook, promo codes, app reviews, paid advertising, and more. However, with more than 350.000 apps on the market, developers have the same question: “How the heck do people find my app?”

We struggled with this challenge of helping to attract attention in the growing jungle of apps. We came up with the idea that apps could sell other apps – so we developed Mini App Stores – like an ad exchange network for apps.

But there was still one issue; we needed the publishers to get the advertisers, and the advertisers wanted to know which publishers we had. This is where StartupBootCamp really came in for help, and through the mentor sessions we discover a new way for app developers to get more users – for free.

We developed The Kinetik- a network for apps to grow a larger user base through cross-promotion. Members choose whom to promote. Users get awesome apps. So everyone is happy.

There are already a few formal and informal traffic exchanges between developers, like Playheaven and Plus+. The Kinetik is a bit different for the following reasons:

  • It is not only for games
  • Member choose the apps they promote.
  • We support both Android and iOS

The Kinetik is therefore an invite-only network of apps that will promote each other in an effort to increase users for all.

You can watch this video to learn more about how it works


So…If you know of someone that has an iPhone or Android app, we will like to talk to them.


The Kinetik - Together in motion


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