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The Eternal Battle – and Mobile Phones

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13 October 2010

We continue our rotating Startupbootcamp blog series. This entry is by Andreea Chiriloiu, Community Manager Webcrumbz.net.


Men vs. Women

We like to believe that we have a rather homogenous team, here at Webcrumz.net – 2 guys and 2 girls, so we try to keep the atmosphere as chilled and relaxed and work-focused as possible. But we apparently never succeed no matter how much we try to. We always end up in a competition: Ciprian against Ionut, Alexandra against me, or simply just men versus women.

It’s obvious that the guys think that they are smarter and more technical than us, and by that they believe they can rule the world. We, the women, know that we can make better things faster than them and more accurately and therefore more profitable than them. This has been a battle since the world began and, it’s superfluous to say, no one will ever win. Because we, as individuals, are as different from one another, as the sun and moon. But we still fight. And we always will. It’s just human nature.

Because of the project that we are running now, we started fighting on, of course, mobile usage. Do women use the mobile more than men? Are men the gurus of mobile technology?

Do Women Yap on the Phone?

Granted, there is the traditional stereotype of women staying on the phone for hours and still aren’t tired of talking, but how much of that is actually true?

A fresh new research made by Opera says that the number of women using the Internet on their smart phones is catching up with the number of men. Actually, between May 2008 and July 2010, the number of female users for Opera Mini increased by 575%, while male users increased by 233%.

While we use the mobile web for everything from ordering pizza to discussing politics, it appears that men, use their mobiles „in the same way that peacocks display their plumage”, says techdirt.com. Men are much more likely to display their mobile phones in social situations, and the article suggests that this is a way to pick up women. Also men are eager to display their mobile phones to other men to make themselves appear more important. Let’s just say 1-0 for the women.

But lets even things out, so that men do not feel bad. Jennifer Bowcock, Director of Consumer Media Relations, Cingular Wireless, helps the men our on this one: „Starting with 2005 and up until now, men have been the undisputed leaders of talking on a mobile phone, winning this round with an devastating number of 571 minutes a month spent in order to comminicate via mobiles, compared to an average of 424 wireless minutes a month for women”.

Social on the Phone

The last one evened things out for the guys. But hear this: Women use social mobile more than men. And it is not just me saying that. A Nielsen Company study showd that women aged 35-54 are more active mobile social networkers than any other age group across the genders. Orange on the other hand, found that based on their users across all ages, men spend more time on social networks on their mobile phones than women. Here are some fun facts which came directly from Orange: While men love to play games that do not stimulate them at all, like Tetris and read the latest sports results, women love an interesting strategy game like Monopoly and love to text more.  Let us put that one down as a tie.

Marketingchartes.com says that the mobile phones appear to be displacing the PC among women, when coming to usage. When asked about the top benefits of owning a smartphone, the top answers among women are convenience, the ability to send texts and email, access to social media. While this fact puts us on top of the race again, the following one does exactly the opposite: Young adult males are driving a recent increase in access to mobile dating services across Europe – out of nearly 11 million European users aged between 25 and 34, 22% of men use mobile devices, compared with just 8.7% of women in the same age group.

The battle is even again and the conclusions are simple to be drawn. There is no difference between men and women using their mobiles, as well as there is no difference between men and women using social media on their mobile, or talking on a mobile, or just using the mobile web. Or, at least, we didn’t see one. Until there is a noticeable difference, Webcrumbz.net can be used, with spectacular results, by both men and women, with or without any technical abilities.




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