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In Focus: A photographer's journey through the alleys of Udaipur ...

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07 April 2010

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This photograph of a contemplative man, was taken at a street intersection in Udaipur in India. With his drained face, he scouts the surrounding scenery, in a look emptied of emotion. The photo can be catogorized as street photography, also sometimes called candid photography.


Udaipur, better known as the City of Lakes is in focus by the photographer
Kristian Bertel in this blog post. A city that was founded in 1559 by Maharana Udaipur and is hemmed in the lush hills of the Aravalis. Each person has a functional task in this bustling city. The spicy smells from the numerous street kitchens are roaming the senses.

Concentrated charm in the center of Udaipur
In short, Udaipur is the perfect symbiosis of sumptuous, majestic remnants of the kings' time and the authentic Indian charm of a romantic lakeside town. When the photographer got off the taxi coming from the rather quiet Jaisalmer in the Indian desert in the center of the old town of Udaipur, a bit of the bump hit him first. Memories of the loud, hectic Old Delhi are awakened. Fortunately, after only a few meters, the photographer can retire to his pretty, comfortable guesthouse. The architecture of Old Udaipur is mainly Hindu inspired and much of the population belongs to the Jain religion. Just let yourself drift through the streets and lose yourself in the labyrinth of mostly white, but sometimes brightly colored rows of houses. The core of Udaipur is not big. Around the Jagdish temple, at the intersection of which crossing the road can be a challenge, concentrates the sometimes unmanageable traffic. Just walk slowly and carefully, the cars and scooters pay attention to you and get out.

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If want to travel to India, but do not know where to go in this huge country, then the photographer will help you with your decision in this blog post. Udaipur in Rajasthan you should definitely visit put on your list. The magical city has many names 'White City', 'City of Lakes' or the 'Venice of the East'.


Indian shopping in the Old town of Udaipur
Admittedly, in the many colorful shops that adorn the streets. Start with a third less than what is required. Immediately at the above junction in a small lane, by the way, from 8 o'clock the best samosas and katschuris Udaipurs are sizzling. Katschuris are baked dumplings stuffed with lentils and spices and in samosas the contents are chickpeas and spices. Delicious chai tea is also here. The small street food shop does not have a name, but you can find it opposite 'Vidhya Tailors'. 'The Lala Misthan Bhandar' is a paradise for those with a sweet tooth like the photographer. Be sure to try the 'Gulab Jamun' that are sweet balls in sugar syrup. Or the delicious biscuits made from lentils. Or all the other typical biscuits and they are best to feast through the assortment.

Royal Palace, an opulent pageantry in royal architecture 
Udaipur's must-see is the Royal Palace, which seems omnipresent only in Udaipur due to its size. The palace was built in 1559 by the then king Udaising, after whom the city Udaipur is also named. After entering the area through an archway, one will reach a stone wall on the right. The place looks rather unspectacular, but was until the fifties, the scene for elephant fighting and on each side stood an elephant and fought against the other and the one who first touched the wall had lost. The largest part of the city palace is today a museum and another houses the luxury Royale Palace, where the royal family still lives in a third building.

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Disability in India is affected by other social divisions such as class, gender and caste and it is being said that women with disabilities in India are more marginalized than their male counterparts. The number of people with disabilities In India has been estimated at 70 million. Unlike those in the West, most people with disabilities in India and their families are focused on survival in the context of deep poverty.


Poverty with the disabled and diwali

India's disability rights movement, however, mainly comprises elite, middle-class activists who generally mirror the goals of the disability rights movement in Western countries. Common public perceptions of disability in India are influenced by certain discourses that are generally rejected by the field of disability studies. People with disabilities are often seen as wicked or deceitful, or as unable to progress to adulthood and dependent on charity and pity for assistance. This is as opposed to an emphasis on the strengths people possess despite their disabilities and their potential for adaptation. Udaipur is known for its holy festivals. 'Deepawali' or 'Diwali', the most pan-Indian of all Hindu festivals, is a festival of lights symbolising the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness and the word 'Deepawali' literally means rows of clay lamps, the so-called 'Diyas'.

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Woman waiting outside a temple in Udaipur at the Diwali.



Photographing a wide variety of places in India
Street photography is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places. Although there is a difference between street and candid photography, it is usually subtle with most street photography being candid in nature but not all candid photography being classifiable as street photography. the photographer has nine years' experience photographing and he has photographed a wide variety of places in India. He fell in love with Udaipur, a colorful city in the Rajasthan province of India, where he was photographing people and streets and his passion is to show photographs that reflect the daily life in India, as he sees it. He works as a photographer and he is available for editorial assignments in Asia. For further information please:
Contact the photographer

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