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Completely off-topic: Your ideas on how I can "compress" my book collection, please....

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14 April 2014

Dear friends everywhere,

I have a challenge regarding my many books:

I’d like to compress my library, ie. I’d like to reduce the number of physical books I own (est. 3-4.000).

Yes, some of them I could throw out or give away, but it’s … hard!

So I came up with the following wish-list:

1. I’d like an app that can scan the bar codes on those books that have bar codes, and remember the book titles, etc.

2. I’d like an app to register those books that don’t have bar codes, i.e.. the ones where I have to enter title, etc. manually.

3. I’d like to find out which of the books I own are available in electronic form for free somewhere on the great Internet.

4. I’d like to find out where I can buy those books that are not free (as e-books, of course) in a smart/fast way (since I assume there’ll be many).

I might want other things or apps that I cannot imagine myself :-).

So: Thank you in advance for your advise and suggestions. 

Your best suggestions will be awarded with a bottle of wine or alcohol or something else you might fancy :-).

Best regards,


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