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Tilmeldt 24. Feb 17
Indlæg ialt: 8 Skrevet 08-07-2019 kl. 14:37
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Hey everyone

My company, PUUF, is growing and we are looking for a place that we can call our headquarters / workshop / studio. So as the title says: a new warehouse in the Copenhagen Area is needed!

I've looked through a variety of websites like the local database or dba, but none of the listings fulfill our requirements:

- 300 - 400 square meters on a ground floor

- max. 30 minutes bike ride from the city center

So I thought I would ask you, dear Amino, does anything or anyone come to your mind?

Thank you and have a lovely day


PS hopefully I chose the right category for this topic :)

Fra Søborg
Tilmeldt 7. Jul 19
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Abdul Kareem Fra  Supplyr Skrevet 08-07-2019 kl. 17:20
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Hi Mateo.

If It's only a warehouse that you look after, and your product(s) are not food related, you can check out the different storage room provider such as Pelican Storage. They offer warehousing to affordable prices.

If that dosen't satisfy you, than I know that different companies with In-House warehouse sometimes rent our empty spaces. Try calling and see if there are something available

Good luck :)
Tilmeldt 24. Feb 17
Indlæg ialt: 8 Skrevet 08-07-2019 kl. 17:45
Bedømmelse :

Hey Abdul,

Thanks for your reply and brainstorming with me.

Our products are not food related so it could be an option. I will look whether Pelican offers such large spaces.

To elaborate on our idea:

we're looking for a place which we could turn into an atelier/studio. On top of storing our products and conducting business, we would like to rent out workshop and coworking spaces to solopreneurs, artists and freelancers.

I think people are in need of such spaces in Copenhagen area. Do you agree?

Fra Søborg
Tilmeldt 7. Jul 19
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Abdul Kareem Fra  Supplyr Skrevet 09-07-2019 kl. 15:32
Bedømmelse :

There is always an demand for something. It does sound good as an idea, but that's mainly speculations from my side. Without proof of concept, we would never know.

Maybe if you search for similar projects, you could get an idea of it works or not :)

Tilmeldt 21. Nov 18
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seoplus Skrevet 09-07-2019 kl. 17:22
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Tilmeldt 24. Feb 17
Indlæg ialt: 8 Skrevet 10-07-2019 kl. 09:06
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Thanks for the tip, seoplus!

Actually it's one of the websites I use too - and have set up a 'search agent'.

As for the proof of concept, that's a good idea. We've already 'proofed' it within our network and there was a good reception. Now it is the time to take it to a broader audience. Perhaps finding the people before finding the actual place might be a better idea.

Tilmeldt 16. Jan 09
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Wcon Skrevet 10-07-2019 kl. 20:29
Bedømmelse :

To me it sounds like you are not looking for warehouse m2 to rent for warehouse purposes.

Instead you seem to be looking to rent a "business building", that you can use for both warehouse purposes and for office and studio purposes.

It might be a language / culture "difference", but I think you might be using "wrong" words when searching/asking, e.g. on the title of your post here.
Best wishes for finding what you are searching for.

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