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Is Artificial Intelligence Course Tough?

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Tilmeldt 24. maj 19
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Skrevet 24-05-2019 kl. 06:32
Hello All, I am just new in this forum and confused about artificial intelligence course. I asked so many people about it and some people said it's very tough and some said it's not tough. I am totally confused, Can anyone help me out and provide me a better reference.
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Tilmeldt 1. jun 15
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Fra Lindahl Robotics
Skrevet 24-05-2019 kl. 22:31


You have provided very little information about the course you are considering, which makes it very hard to help you.

I have looked into some AI - not red any books yet as i am persuing my own ideas - but generelly speaking AI is very advanced tech. We (humans) have been trying to make AI since god knows when and to my undestanding we are not there yet. So i assume any course in AI is very advanced. 

As you are not linking the course it is hard to guide you. Is this a masters course? A phd course? or what?

I don't think you can do AI without some knowledge of Neural networks - which is a course in itself if you don't know about it allready.

With the little information you provided this is the best help i can give you.

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Tilmeldt 9. feb 12
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Lurks in the dark
Skrevet 25-05-2019 kl. 00:38

Ai requires the following skills to build and deploy.

Python Programming (advanced level)

Calculus (more specific optimization) (advanced level)

Neural networks (of course)

If you have these skills then its fairly easy to follow any course in AI.


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Fra Frederiksberg
Tilmeldt 5. nov 12
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Nicolai Lundgaard
Skrevet 25-05-2019 kl. 13:52

Lurks in the dark:
Python Programming (advanced level)

Just a programming language. You can program your AI soultion in your favourite language. Matlab is my first choise to model a solution, so you don't even need a programming language.

Lurks in the dark:
Calculus (more specific optimization) (advanced level)

But more important linear algebra since an effecient solution depends on vector and matrix operations.

Lurks in the dark:
Neural networks (of course)

It's just one flavour of AI. Linear regression, polynomial regression, logistic regression and natural language processing are other flavours.

Amino-karma 3.213
Tilmeldt 9. feb 12
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Lurks in the dark
Skrevet 25-05-2019 kl. 17:30

Thanks for the corrections.
It's always nice when people who knows more is helping
And I thought that something was missing from my reply :)

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